Family Law Software makes it easier to create guidelines and the Massachusetts Financial Statement. You will be more efficient and more profitable. And you will achieve better client outcomes.

The features on this page are specific to Massachusetts and are in addition to the features shown on our Home page

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Form 301 (Rule 401) Financial Statement and 2021 Child Support Guideline

Choose either the 2018 or 2021 Guideline - the program is fully up-to-date. Data you enter for child support flows to the Form 301 (Rule 401) Financial Statement as well as the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

Long and Short Financial Statements (Form 301 / Rule 401)

You enter data on our data entry screens. When it comes time to print, the software will pick the long or short Financial Statement form based on the party’s income. You can also choose to print either form.

Full Suite of Probate and Family Court Forms

In addition to the financial forms, the software has a full complement of Court forms, including the following:

  • CJ-D-101 Complaint for Divorce
  • CJ-D-101A Joint Petition for Divorce GL 208 1A
  • CJ-D-101B Complaint for Divorce GL 208 1B
  • CJ-D-102 Complaint for Separate Support
  • CJ-D-104 Complaint for Modification
  • CJ-D-107 Complaint for Support GL 209 32F
  • CJ-D-124 Joint Petition / Motion to Change a Judgment or Temporary Order
  • CJ-D-201 Answer to Complaint for Divorce
  • CJ-D-202 Counterclaim for Divorce Action
  • CJ-D-305 Child Support and Post-Secondary Education
  • CJ-D-311 Agreement (to modify a judgment or temporary order)
  • CJ-D-446 Judgment or Temporary order on petition / motion to change
  • R-408 Report of Absolute Divorce or Annulment
  • AIB Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown
  • OCAJ-1 Care and Custody
  • TC001 Notice of Appearance
  • TC002 Military Affidavit

Footnotes and attachments

Footnotes are supported for most entries, and you can choose to print them with your forms.

If there isn’t room for everything on the Financial Statement, we’ll automatically create an attachment.