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Getting Started Webinars

Getting Started with Family Law Software

What is Family Law Software? How do I get started? We will discover the differences between Desktop v. Cloud, reports, settings, and printing.

Data Entry

Best Practices and tips for entering data, footnotes, specific issues such as real estate, and more.

Client Data Entry

Client data entry tips and best practices from the professional and client side.

File Manager

How to get the most out of File Manager. Creating, managing, and sending files.

Advanced Webinars

Property Division

Tips, Tools and Best practices for data entry, analysis and reports to look at options for balance sheets and dividing property.

Support Arrears

Using FLS to easily and accurately compute arrears - unpaid support obligations with interest. Don't leave money on the table.

Maintenance/Alimony tools

An in-depth look at all the options for computing and analyzing maintenance options in the software for non-guideline cases, how to get the best results for your clients.


FLS can compute an accurate present value of a defined benefit plan and how to use those results in negotiating your cases.

Data Assumptions and Projections

Family Law Software is capable of creating long term projections (up to 50 years out). We will look at the details of the assumptions that go into those projections, and how to adjust those settings for the best results for your clients