Computer running Family Law Software

Data Entry

Child Arrears

Child support arrears calculations

Child Arrears

Defined benefit pension valuation

Defined Benefit Pension Valuation

Financial Projections

Financial projections

Over 50 reports and graphs let you drill down to line item detail on cash flows and net worth.

Financial Projections

Unlimited tech support

  • Callers leave voicemail.
  • E-mailers send messages.
  • Both go into the same queue.
  • We prioritize to handle urgent matters first.
  • We call back or send e-mail replies with step-by-step images.
  • Better tech support service for you.
Tech Support

Cloud Edition

Desktop and cloud editions

Desktop software for PC and Mac.

Cloud Edition

  • Work from anywhere.
  • Work on any device, including iPad and phones.
  • No worrying about file locations.
  • Always current - no need to update.

Upload client files from desktop to cloud.

Download client files from cloud to desktop.

Cloud Edition

Full Refund for Three Months

  • No risk to give it a try.
  • Easy cancellation – just e-mail us.
  • We can make this offer because our product speaks for itself!
Full Refund

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See it in Action

These four videos by Family Law Software president Dan Caine will help you see the power of Family Law Software and its benefits for your practice.

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In business for more than 20 years.

Relied upon by judges and magistrates in seven states.

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