Family Law Software makes it easier to create guidelines and the Colorado sworn financial statement. You will be more efficient and more profitable. And you will achieve better client outcomes.

The features on this page are specific to Colorado and are in addition to the features shown on our Home page

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ONLY in Family Law Software...

  • Footnotes can be as long as they need to be to get your point across – no limitation on length! Say exactly what you want to say.
  • You can enter a footnote to print with each item (not just at the end of each section), so the judge can easily see the item to which you are referring.
  • You only have to enter real estate properties once, and the mortgage and asset fields flow to the appropriate sections of the Sworn Financial Statement. No need to enter mortgage and then separately enter the asset. And changes, of course, flow to both simultaneously.
  • Free online client data entry. You and your clients can share their online files. Saves time and enables you to practice more profitably!
  • You can change the descriptions of line items right on the Sworn Financial Statement. Get the SFS you want!
  • Includes Certificate of Compliance.

Sworn financial statement

Generate the official sworn financial statement (SFS), or generate our own "expanded" SFS format, which most of our subscribers prefer.

The official child support numbers

Our child support guideline calculation is used by judges throughout the state, and our child support calculator (same underlying calculation engine) is the official free calculator for individuals.

Statutory maintenance

Also calculates statutory maintenance, always updated to the current statute, including the 2018 revisions, updating the statute for non-taxable maintenance.

Easy Budgeting and Cash Flow

Using the numbers you have already entered for the Sworn Financial Statement, child support, and maintenance, generate after-tax cash flows for one or both parties.

Show your client that they will be OK – or what changes they need to make.

Get them off to a better start!.

Easily Divide Property

The asset values you enter in the Sworn Financial Statement flow right into the property spreadsheets and the division of property calculator.

Easily assign assets to one party or the other by dollar amounts or percentages -- no Excel formulas to wrestle with.

The software also automatically nets out debt, so you are just dividing the equity between the parties.

Just allocate assets between the parties, and you instantly have an effective property division.

Also, you have an option to separately divide non-retirement assets and retirement assets.

Or, go all the way and do a property division on a wholly after-tax basis.

Then print a beautifully-formatted Marital and Separate Property worksheet.

What If - Child Support and Maintenance

Without changing the "actual" entries until you are ready, easily create child support and maintenance scenarios for:

  • Changing overnights
  • Changing incomes
  • Changing who pays for or the cost of health insurance and child care

How much is the child support if the overnights are different?

What if a party goes back to work, or quits, or goes to part-time?

What if the children are switched to the other party's health insurance or the day care payment changes?

Instantly see the effect on support of all these scenarios, and see it side-by-side with the current "actual" amounts.

And here's the best part. You can, with a single click, "swap" one of your scenarios into the "actual" column, and instantly update your child support guideline worksheet and your Sworn Financial Statement.

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