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Family Law Software makes it easier to create guidelines and the New Jersey case information statement. You will be more efficient and more profitable. And you will achieve better client outcomes.

The features on this page are specific to New Jersey and are in addition to the features shown on our Home page

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The statewide leader

Family Law Software is, by far, the leading product specifically for family law in New Jersey.

It is the only product that has the full range of calculations to enable family law attorneys to divide assets, value pensions, analyze after-tax cash flows, and perform other tasks required of family law attorneys.

One-click exactly equal parenting (Wunsch-Deffler)

Family Law Software allows you to specify that exactly equal parenting will apply, using the formula set forth in the case Wunsch-Deffler v Deffler, with a single click.

Straightforward other dependent deduction

Family Law Software has extensive support to enable you to calculate the notoriously complicated Other Dependent Deduction (taking account of children of other relationships living with the parties).

Automatic teenage adjustment

Family Law Software will automatically trigger the teenage adjustment based on the children’s birth dates.

Automatic shared custody calculation

Family Law Software will automatically calculate whether shared custody applies, based both on overnights and incomes. Many people do not realize that there is an income threshold for shared custody to apply, and Family Law Software calculates it automatically.

Case Information Statement

Generate the official New Jersey Case Information Statement.

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