Family Law Software makes it easier to create guidelines and the Illinois disclosure. You will be more efficient and more profitable. And you will achieve better client outcomes.

The features on this page are specific to Illinois and are in addition to the features shown on our Home page

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The “Court” calculator

Family Law Software is used by most judges throughout the state of Illinois to calculate child support.

Maintenance calculations are always current

Automatically calculates child support maintenance, fully updated for the changes relating to the fact that maintenance is nontaxable starting in 2019.

Real estate on a property-by-property basis

If the client has multiple real estate properties, Family Law Software prints the information about each property individually, and automatically totals them.

Block or redact identity information

Family Law Software gives you the option to block or redact identity information for birth date and/or address.

Financial affidavit

Generate the official finacial affidavit.

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