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The only true split custody calculation

In most states, child support in a split custody context is calculated by calculating support for the children in the custody of Party A, calculating support for the children in the custody of Party B, and netting the two results.

This is a fair and reasonable approach.

Family Law Software is the only software that does this calculation in Florida.

Automatic calculation of step downs

Family Law Software will automatically calculate the modified child support amount, given current incomes of the parties, as each child reaches majority.

Alimony calculations your way

Family Law Software can calculate the alimony needed to reach a budget goal on the part of the recipient. It can calculate the amount of alimony needed to enable each party to end up with 50% of the combined cash after taxes.

And, it can calculate what alimony would be under the most recent alimony bill, which failed to pass.

Whatever approach you choose to take, Family Law Software can crunch the numbers for you.

902(c) and 902(b) affidavits

You enter your data on our data entry screen.

When it comes time to print, you can choose whether to print the long form 902(c) or the shorter form 902(b).

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