What our Rhode Island customers are saying:


"As a Collaborative Practitioner, Mediator, and Family Law Litigator, Family Law Software's clear and flexible reports has made settlement (and persuasion) so much easier.

This program was written by people who understand that there can be multiple points of view on each issue and asset and who make it easy for us to evaluate how far apart these really are.

The ease of entering information once, documenting the details, and applying the information where needed in other reports is astounding.

The tech support, responsiveness to questions and speed of updates to keep up with tax and other changes is the best ever."

Maralee Nelder, CFLS, CDFA, Grass Valley, California

"I must share with you that the professional, thorough reports I was able to generate with Family Law Software played a major role in settling a very difficult case the other day.

The combination of graphs and spreadsheet allowed both the wife who processes information visually and the husband who is very analytical to grasp the information equally well. Their attorneys were very pleased as well.

Thank you for making me look so good!"

Thea Glazer, CFP, CDFA, MS. Accounting, San Diego, CA

"The program is very user friendly. I find that the pop-up help on the screens is very helpful. And the program is very comprehensive."

Benjamin Putman, CPA, CFP, CDFA, PFS, Irvine, California

"I have been using Family Law Software for many years. The program is frequently updated for tax changes and new features.

The software has a comprehensive menu of reports that are available, integrates accurate tax adjusted calculations, and can easily produce multiple scenarios.

This program has been an invaluable resource for my practice for the most basic to the most complex cases. "

Jerry Cohen, CPA/PFS, CFF, CDFA, Woodland Hills, CA