What our Pennsylvania customers are saying:


"Family Law Software beats the hell out of what I was using before.

I am very, very impressed with it, and it is one hell of an improvement over SupportCalc."

Jackie Stevens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The continuous updates with tax code changes are excellent."

Abby DeBlasio, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

"Absolutely The Best. Very helpful support!"

Patricia Wozniak Henk, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I am computer challenged, so I especially appreciate their prompt and patient responses."

Paige E. Peasely, Erie, Pennsylvania

"FLS is an excellent tool to get support calculations done with great efficiency and accuracy.

FLS provides live help which is also great, especially when dealing with multiple scenarios and calculations."

Joo Y. Park, Norristown, Pennsylvania

"I love Family Law Software. It keeps everything organized in one place!"

Rose Kauffman, State College, Pennsylvania

"Family Law Software is the best on the market. Simple. Lots of data. And fabulous tech support."

Zanita Zacks-Gabriel, Erie, Pennsylania

"I find that Family Law Software offers a richer set of features than any other program.  Family Law Software has improvements and new features that quickly seem indispensable. "

Joel Bernbaum, Timoney Knox, LLP, Fort Washington, PA

"Wonderful tech support and fast, responsive customer service. Easy to learn, easy to set up new client files and to add or edit information on existing files.

My clients like being able to see the pdf worksheets and to fill in the forms before our meeting."

Patricia T. Brennan, Law Office of Patricia T. Brennan, West Chester PA

"Having Used another support calculator for years, we were a little concerned about taking on Family Law Software – a whole new program to learn! But, although the program does so many things, the training provided and ongoing tech support is super!

As collaboratively trained lawyers, we also learned that Family Law Software is widely (maybe exclusively) used by the neutral financial experts in Collaborative Practice cases.

We are now in the process of adopting the Family Law Software Equitable Distribution section and tools in our divorce cases and see the day when Family Law Software is our single tool for all divorce issues."

Joni Berner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Great program!"

Melissa H. Shirey, The Family Law Group, LLC, Erie PA

"Our offices find Family Law Software to be the most comprehensive and computer friendly product there is for handling family law matters.

Their customer service is amazing and the product is updated immediately to accommodate changes in the law."

Maribeth Blessing, Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, Rockledge PA

I have recommended Family Law Software to multiple colleagues since I began using it myself.

It is extremely user friendly and the free updates make it highly accurate and even easier to use.

The file organization of the program is second to none in my opinion and I will continue to recommend this product to other family law attorneys as a "must have"!

Carol A. Benson, Penglase & Benson, Inc., Doylestown, PA

"As a sole practitioner I use Family Law Software to help me stay competitive with the larger law firms. The software is easy to use, accurate and a real time saver.

When I have had questions, the support staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and readily accessible. The publishers keep the software up to date with changes to tax tables or the law.

Most importantly, my clients like to see in black and white what may happen in court.

Family Law Software facilitates settlements and gives clients a sense of confidence in the outcome, if litigation is necessary. I recommend this software to any family law attorney."

Marc Rosenwasser, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I use this software in almost every case, and I recommend it to other attorneys."

Steve Hurvitz, McQuaide, Blasko, Fleming & Faulkner

"I use the program a lot. I use the alimony breakeven analysis, the equitable distribution worksheet, the analysis of who should claim the exemptions, the defined benefit pension valuations, and of course the child support guideline calculator. Sometimes I even send the reports to my clients.

I have been telling other attorneys about it, because I think it's really good software."

Pamela Purdy, Harrisburg, PA

"Family Law Software has been invaluable in preparing our cases for litigation and settlement purposes.

No more searching through the file to find documentation of pensions, income etc. It's all right there on the spreadsheets, saving us time and our clients money."

Mary Burchik, Buzgon Davis, Lebanon, PA

"What a great product! Family Law Software not only provides me with the support calculations which I need, but also provides personal and responsive technical assistance. In complicated cases, help is just a phone call away and you cannot beat that kind of service.."

Anthony M Muir Allentown, PA

I really like the improvement you having been making to the program. It is an invaluable resource to me.

Ted Hoppe, Hoppe & Martin, LLP Kennet Square, PA

I am a veteran practicing family law attorney who was formerly a CPA and a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers certified in Business Valuation.

I had built my own spreadsheet using Excel for the Marital Asset Summary used in Allegheny County. The spreadsheet worked for me but I think it overwhelmed the judges and opposing counsel.

Family Law Software allows the preparation of a very detailed, yet very easy to understand Marital Asset Summary, along with allowing the consideration of various "What If" scenarios. Well worth the cost. FANTASTIC!!!

Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn, Allison Park, PA