What our Ohio customers are saying:


"We use Family Law Software from the beginning of all our cases. We have the clients fill in their data and send it to us. My assistant finds the software to be very helpful."

Greg Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio  

"It is better than any other software for Family Law I have ever used."

Mary Biacsi, Cleveland, Ohio  

"Family Law Software makes my life significantly easier."

Laura Wellen, Chardon, Ohio  

"My paralegal loves the software. He uses it to fill in all the case information for every case."

Cathy Cook, Cincinnati, Ohio  

"I use this software and I like it."

Robert Lancaster, Springfield, Ohio  

"I really like the software. I use it at the start of every case."

James Giles, Mt. Vernon, Ohio  

"Family Law Software has proven to be an indispensible part of my practice - far more than any other financial software program I have used."

Barbara J. Howard, Cincinnati, Ohio  

"I really appreciate the ability to consolidate property on one page and to play easily with alternate property distribution options."

Susan Ahlrichs, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Family Law Software streamlines the divorce financial process by 1) clients entering the data; 2) data flowing to court forms; and 3) showing support changes with each entry."

Cathy Cook, Cincinnati, Ohio  

"Family Law Software has proven to be a real benefit to my practice.

My clients are grateful for the efficiency of the "Client Input" option and I have found the "What If" projections to be an invaluable tool for settlement in my mediation and Collaborative Divorce practice."

Sherri Goren Slovin, Cincinnati, Ohio  

"I use Family Law Software in all my cases. I send the electronic Income & Expense Worksheet to clients as a matter of course. The Present Value reports, after-tax spendable cash, and child support reports are clearly superior to FinPlan and other similar products."

John Zoller, Cleveland, Ohio

"Our Secretary loves the software we bought from you. We have used it several times already."

Anna Bates, Westerville, Ohio

"This program truly makes our job easier. It is vital to litigation and collaboration cases alike."

Erinn Hannigan, Strauss Troy, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I like Family Law Software. I like it a lot."

Gail Hurd, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

"Family Law Software responds to tax law changes and technological questions more quickly than any company I have ever worked with.

The well placed "?" tabs anticipate questions that might arise during data input and the "more info" tabs can be a great resource for guidance on entering and considering content."

Amy Whitlatch, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The divorce process can necessitate advisors to pick up a file after many months of inactivity.

Family Law Software enables the professional to have immediate access to organized records and reports saving countless hours recreating the wheel.

The ability to clearly communicate data translates into power and facilitates settlements.

The "negotiate" tab in the software is a professional's direct link to transition the parties to settlement."

Rebecca Murphy, Cleveland, Ohio

"I met with these clients for six weeks. All the meetings happened at our office with Family Law Software on our big screen.

When the attorneys were brought in, they said that they had a settlement right off the bat based on our work.

It felt like a home run. And Family Law Software was a significant part of that. "

Frank Fantozzi, CPA, CDFA, Brecksville, Ohio

"I've been raving about this product. My probate attorney friend is jealous and wishes that something like this was available to her."

Thank you!

LeeDaun C. Williams, Independence, Ohio