What our New York customers are saying:


"There is no other way to draft a sworn Net Worth Statement."

Anne McCarthy, New York, New York

"Family Law Software is very efficient to use with clients. Clients love the fact that they can fill out their information and that it gets processed so quickly. It is very helpful with the analysis of income and maintenance. It allows me to optimize both parties, so it leads to less-inflammatory litigation. It allows me to solve disputes in a more peaceful manner -- which should be the goal of every case."

Sherri Donovan, New York, New York

"I keep pushing this software. It is great. If you ever need to have someone talk to a potential customer, feel free to refer them to me."

Charles Inclima, Rochester, New York

"I use it all the time, and I really like it. It lets me figure things out more quickly."

Jenna Rosato, Garden City, New York

"It is indispensible. I could not do a divorce without it. On the phone I can give the client a quick read on his child support immediately.

Baruch Waldman, Spring Valley, New York

"I used to manipulate spreadsheets for years and years, and this is much easier.

Neil VanDerWoude, Carmel, New York

"I use it all thwe time. I love it."

Jeffrey L Lewisohn, Lynbrook, New York

"I love it. It was a great investment."

Wanda Negron, Yonkers, New York

"Family Law Software is my reliable back office support."

Amy Reiss, New York, New York

"This software has improved my mediation process immeasurably."

Stacey A. Herman, Roslyn Heights, New York

"Family Law Software will revolutionize your practice. 

It is easy to use and you will love having the maintenance and child support calculations done instantly."

Valerie Kerker, Albany, New York

"Couldn't possibly begin to do the complex work of divorce mediation without Family Law Software.

 I recommend it without reservation."

Ken Neumann, New York, New York

"Best divorce financial document software I have ever used.

Family Law Software has cut down the time spent on Statements of Net Worth by at least 50 percent.

The ability to have the client complete an e-mail questionnaire is worth the monthly fee by itself. The software works, and it saves time. My paralegal loves it."

Joel R Salinger, Commack, New York

"Family Law Software is a wonderful program. I have used this program for years.

It facilitates computation of crucial information necessary for formulating child support, and the requisite alimony projection. "

Sandra Adelson, Mediator, Scarsdale, New York

"I love the simplicity of the Family Law Software program.

Family Law Software is extremely user friendly which in turn leads to receiving a more complete Statement of Net Worth from the client saving a lot of time and expense."

Melodie Ciambra, paralegal, office of Joel R. Salinger, Commack, New York

"Having practiced matrimonial law for the past 36 years, I believe that Family Law Software is the most comprehensive program available to matrimonial attorneys.

The Statement of Net Worth is both comprehensive and easy to use; the technical support excellent; and the program itself contains many effective tools to aid in the resolution and trial of cases."

Lloyd M. Friedland, Librett, Friedland & Lieberman LLP, Garden City, New York

"We have been using Family Law Software for several years, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The program is easy to learn and use. While we primarily use the software for preparation of net worth statements, the other features, such as "what if analysis" are invaluable tools for settlement negotiations."

Elisa Greenblatt, Parmet & Greenblat LLC, New York, New York

"This is the best investment in technology I made all year."

Bernard G Post, New York, New York

"I love Family Law Software. It is easy enough for an "old dog" to use. I like that it has space for notes, and that changes are easily made."

Linda Markowitz, Elsmford, New York

"Family Law Software is a helpful tool in my matrimonial practice. It provides support calculations as well as equitable distribution charts, thereby helping to clarify and contrast both parties' income and assets."

Lynn Maier, White Plains, New York

"My firm has been using this application since 2004. It is, by far, the best family law application we have used. The phone and iPad App was a great addition for use in an initial consultation or in court when quick numbers have to be determined."

John Grimes, Chappaqua, New York

"This 236B program is very user-friendly. It can be tailored to a particular case pattern (i.e., same-sex spouses instead of H/W) and the support staff is great. I would recommend it to all matrimonial practitioners."

Shari Jo Reich,  Buffalo, New York

"I find Family Law Software to be indispensable in my practice. I run support figures for tax impacts on every case."

Deborah Scinta,  Buffalo, New York

"Family Law Software produces the best looking, easiest to understand and most flexible Net Worth Statement available of all software products on the market."

Donald Wall, New York, New York

"I love Family Law Software. I use it in the courtroom, during proceedings, in order to stay one step ahead of my adversary in calculating financials. It's great always to have the correct calculations."

John McCarron, Tuckahoe , New York

"Thank you for creating Family Law Software. The Statement of Net Worth is extremely easy to use and looks very professional.

Best of all, working with the knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating technical staff is a pleasure.

Why, one can even make suggestions for minor improvements which are not only listened to but often implemented.

You guys are fantastic!"

Anne White - paralegal for Joanne White, Latham, NY

"Family Law Software is, by far, the best financial software we have used in our practice.

It allows for the easy preparation of accurate and comprehensive statements of net worth as well as other related documents.

Further, the up-to-date financial components, particularly statutory support calculations and tax information, make it a valuable tool for negotiation purposes."

Diane M. O'Leary, Esq., Ostertag O'Leary Barrett & Faulkners

"We are rolling out Family Law Software throughout the firm. We find that it helps us work more efficiently, so we have more time to focus on important matters. "

Ronnie Schindel, Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, LLP, New York, NY

"Our firm uses Family Law Software. We find it easy to use.

We use it for the Net Worth Statement, budgeting, child support calculations and settlement purposes.

In addition to the software itself, we have always received immediate help from tech support when necessary."

James Nolletti, Collier, Halpern, Newberg, Nolletti and Bock, LLP, White Plains, New York

"My practice has been greatly enriched by my subscription to Family Law Software.

With the aid of the program, I am more fully prepared to negotiate a favorable arrangement for my clients, one that takes taxes into consideration. Litigation presentations are also enhanced, and the program has great visual aids to assist in supporting my arguments.

I also find that the clients are reassured by having a complete evaluation of their financial position, presented in comprehensible form, to assist them in deciding whether what they are proposing or agreeing to will work for them in the long run.

I believe this is an invaluable program for those working in divorce litigation, collaboration and mediation. "

Kathryn S. Lazar, Lazar & Schwartz, Hopewell Junction, New York

"The reports generated by the software have given us a distinct edge during negotiations.

I provide them to my adversary and the other party along with the supporting factual printouts from the program and tell them to check the accuracy with an accountant. That gesture alone enhances credibility.

Also, the program's ability to impact future numbers with cost of living adjustments and anticipated increases in earnings helps me test the reasonableness of proposals received from adversaries.

The yearly cost for the software is easily offset by the billings I charge the clients for my time in generating the reports in just one file! "

Stephen C. Prudente, Of Counsel,  Young, Sommer...LLC, Albany, New York

"I consider myself to be very involved when it comes to technology in the practice of Family Law. I was one of the first subscribers to some of the other products. I have always looked to find automation when it comes to net worth preparation and overall integration. I have tried them all, and I have tried my own Excel spreadsheet.

At the end of the day, your software has proved itself to be clearly the best of the lot as "the total package."

It is intuitive, easy, and produces some of the best looking output I have seen. Also, the tech support is great, and that's what I have found so different.

The monthly cost is easily recouped in terms of billable time. Every time I think the software can't do something, it can. That's the most amazing thing to me. And you don't have to be a genius to work this software."

Robert M. Preston, New York, New York

"I met with a leading financial planner the other day, and we were both singing your praises. We agreed that your program and your technical support are stellar!"

Andrea Vacca, Esq., New York, NY

"The software has been good in collaborative terms, because I can bring the charts, and it visually helps the parties see that the result is reasonable.

I especially like that I can send them the client software and they can enter their information."

Leslye Schlesinger, New City, New York

"Family Law Software provides one-stop shopping for all significant financial analyses required for my cases.

If you think that another tool will help you and your clients, just let the Family Law software team know, as the creators of this program are always looking to enhance its functionality for us users.

This program is a crucial tool that allows you to factor in all the details in order to figure out the big picture.

I recommend consulting Family Law Software before proposing or accepting any comprehensive financial plan. It is not difficult to figure out how to use, and the tech support is great."

Adam Berner, Attorney-Mediator, New York, New York and Teaneck, New Jersey.

"I use Family Law Software to help clients consider their financial situation, evaluate their choices and make decisions.

I particularly appreciate that the software will produce the Net Worth Statement information for the clients. It also provides for quick access to Child Support and Temporary Spousal Maintenance calculations.

Best of all, the technical support, when needed, is phenomenal!"

Beth Danehy, Mediator, New York, NY

"The program is user friendly; is highly adaptable by the use of footnotes and provisions for expenses for multiple residences; and the hard copy is impressive looking and easy to follow. Additionally, all of the other features, including "what if" calculations, tax calculations, child support guidelines charts and numerous other features are invaluable. I highly recommend the software.

Stephen Gassman, Gassman Baiamonte Betts,  PC Garden City, New York

"I was using another program before, and I never wanted to do it myself, because it was too hard.  With this program, I can do it myself.  For the Statement of Proposed Distribution, you can manipulate the numbers back and forth and see what works.  Secretaries love it because it is faster.  It makes for a good-looking document.  And your improvements over the time I have been using it have made it even more user-friendly.

Phillip Johnson, Levene Gouldin & Thomson LP, Vestal, New York