What our Illinois customers are saying:


I love Family Law Software. It is much better than FinPlan.

Judith DeVriendt, Joliet, Illinois

I love it and I use it all the time.

Jessica Malmquist, Barrington, Illinois

Family Law Software is easier and better than FinPlan. The people at Family Law Software stay on top of things, and the program is very user friendly.

Burt Gross, Chicago, Illinois

I am a very happy convert from FinPlan to Family Law Software.

Judy Goldstein, Mokena, Illinois

Having been a Finplan user for too many years, I can say that Family Law Software is great - much more usable and friendly.

Jonathan Shimberg, Evanston, Illinois

Everything about it has been very user friendly. I highly recommended it.

Gary Spahn, Lake Forest, Illinois

"Family Law Software is extremely user-friendly. Its formatting for income, expenses, and balance sheets readily lend themselves to use of footnotes in complex financial scenarios."

Lyn Conniff, Oak Park, Illinois

"This software has been going great for us. I have been using it for over a year, now."

Jeffrey Esser, Chicago, Illinois

"Very helpful in settlement negotiations. Easy to change scenarios."

Margaret H. Weging, Elmwood Park Illinois

"Enter it once - Get it right every time!

FLS's ability to integrate information between income, property and taxes is unmatched."

Jeffrey Hirsch, Gitlin Law Firm, Woodstock Illinois

"Family Law Software is invaluable in doing property divisions."

Anna Bush, Barrington, Illinios

"I have been using Family Law Software for almost two years. I especially like the breakdown of the various tax deductions on one of the worksheets."

Margaret Zuleger, Arlington Heights, Illinois

"I love Family Law Software. I tell every one to use this over FinPlan. It is much better software."

Marc Beermann, Beermann & Ori Ltd., Libertyville IL

"Family Law Software is much easier than Fin Plan, and I like that the local rule affidavit is incorporated into the program."

Rhonda Rosenthal, Crystal Lake, Illinois

"I find Family Law Software to be a far more flexible, and much easier program to use than FinPlan. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. I think you will like it. "

Rory Weiler, Weiler & Lengle, Lake Charles, IL

"The software was well worth the investment of time.

I had a client meeting recently where it totally changed the dynamic of the entire meeting, and I won over the opposing client to my side, because he was so impressed with my level of detail and professional presentation from Family Law Software, as opposed to his attorney's spreadsheet."

Christine Walton, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

"Family Law Software is the best software product I have ever used in the practice of law. It is a dynamic program that is intuitive to use.

When I use it in negotiations or with the court, it meets or exceed all of my expectations. "

Win Wehrli, Naperville, Illinois

"Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, LLP been using Family Law Software and find it to be a unique product that is comprehensive, efficient and easy to use both in traditional litigation matters as well as Collaborative matters.

It sets a new standard for divorce lawyers and financial professionals involved in domestic relations matters."

Carlton R. Marcyan, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, Chicago, IL

"I use Family Law Software because it does everything I need: the balance sheet, child support, spousal support, and other calculations -- everything."

Jon Beerman, Libertyville, IL

"Family Law Software has proven over the several years I have used it to be a productivity boosting program with no peers.

Its ability to pull together assts, liabilities, incomes and debts -- as well the additional features such as the child support and arrearage calculators - has allowed my staff to leverage their time wonderfully!"

Charles Watson, Springfield, IL

"Any lawyer who is not using this software is missing the boat. This software has definitely made my practice more profitable. I learn about the case as I put in the information to your software.

As a lawyer, I use Family Law Software to help me see visually what various settlement options look like, both today and out into the future.

The program is easy to use and has been designed with the lawyer's needs in mind."

James Lenahan, Wheaton, IL

"I just competed entering 14 years of sporadic payments in Family Law Software, and I ran the reports, and I am amazed! I could never have figured out the arrears due without the program."

Kurt Dittmer, Rasmussen and Dittmer, LLC, La Harpe, Illinois

"Family Law Software has helped me to understand and project the needs and capabilities of not only my client, but those of my client's spouse.

Both the income projection and the equitable distribution components of the software assist my clients in reaching a reasonable resolution in an efficient and economical manner.

This is the best software for a family practice that I have seen."

Ronald L. Hendrix, Naperville, IL