What our Financial customers are saying:


"I love the software! The upgrades and improvements you’ve made over the years make it an invaluable tool. The functionality matches everything on my wish list. I especially appreciate the “What-If” feature when negotiating asset divisions during mediation."

Jacki Gold-Roessler, Southfield, Michigan

"I am so happy with this software."

Donald Paris, Rockville, Maryland

"Family Law Software is the most comprehensive and complete divorce software in the industry.

It is easy to navigate and create the needed scenarios for effective use with clients and attorneys."

Gary LaMusga, Walnut Creek, California

"Family Law Software and their staff have been an incredible help to my business.

Anytime I've needed assistance, even on weekends, someone has been there to help me!

And in those very rare instances where an error was due to a minor bug in the software, they had it corrected within a day or two.

If only we could get that level of service from other providers.

Thank you, Family Law Software!"

Jeffrey Landers, New York, New York

I really like the fact that one piece of software does both property distribution settlement and cash flows simultaneously.

That's a real cost savings to my practice, because I don't have to use two different pieces of software.

I can run my practice more efficiently and make more money.

Andrew Hoffman, CDFA, Mandeville, Louisiana

"I appreciate the flexibility and choices of all the reports in the software.

Creating report templates for each attorney and client used to consume vast amounts of my time.

Because Family Law Software has reports for virtually every attorney, (and ultimately), client need, I can customize my analysis even more efficiently.

A key feature is the ability to share case files with attorneys. When my attorneys also use the software, working together in tandem on the case is even more synchronized and harmonized.

Not only do I use the software, but for cases where I am retained for Net Worth Statement and Financial Affidavit preparation, I will not take the case unless the other professionals involved use Family Law Software as well. "

Michelle Smith, CFP(R), CDFA, New York, New York

"I've been doing Financial Planning for Divorce for several years now.

I'm hearing from new clients that attorneys are mentioning my name, and that the attorneys feel the work I do is "very thorough."

I'll give lots of credit to your software for that!!"

Carol Arnott, CFP(R), CDFA ChFC, Greenville, Delaware

"Family Law Software is key to divorce settlements.

Clients tell me that they've learned so much about their financial picture and feel comfortable with the decisions they are making.

Our membership are all using Family Law Software.

We like the fact that everything we need is in one piece of software, and that we are not going back and forth as we did before."

Cathy L. Daigle, Los Gatos, California

"Family Law Software is an invaluable tool in my divorce practice.

The technical support is fabulous - always available and willing to solve the problem."

Barbara Shapiro, CFP(R), CDFA, Dedham, Massachusetts

"Before switching to Family Law Software, I was using one program for tax calculations, child support guidelines, creating financial affidavits and other calculations, and another program to illustrate property division and long-term projections of settlement scenarios.

It was an inefficient and frustrating process.

Now I use Family Law Software for every aspect of the divorce planning process, saving me time and my sanity!

The reports are exceptional and easy to understand, which help me create a professional and impressive work product. "

William Donaldson, CFP(R), CDFA, Stratford, Connecticut

"I think the program is great. It enables you to present different scenarios to your client in an extremely helpful way.

The analytical tools also allow for out-of-the box thinking.

For example, I have used the Present Value of alimony calculation to structure trade-offs of property that got the parties to settlement. I also find the pension appraisal to be a tremendous feature for getting an estimate of what the pension is worth. "

John Faggio, CPA, CFP(R), Columbia, Maryland

"I have been using Family Law Software since 2005.

It is virtually the only software that I need to operate my Divorce Financial Planning Practice.

Client service is fantastic and the firm is regularly improving the software.

I would strongly recommend this software to anyone considering it. "

Mike Durante, CFP, CDFA, Brewster, New York

"I like that the software can be so detail oriented and will roll up to highly-summarized, very simple reports.

We can see all the assumptions and all the calculations, because it gives you a trail, so you can go back and see where every number came from.

We should all be using this software. "

Lili Vasileff, CFP(R), CDFA, Woodbridge, Connecticut

"You guys are the fastest support team for any software, anywhere. Thank you!"

Steve McBride, CDFA, Greenwood Village, Colorado

"I met with these clients for six weeks. All the meetings happened at our office with Family Law Software on our big screen.

When the attorneys were brought in, they said that they had a settlement right off the bat based on our work.

It felt like a home run. And Family Law Software was a significant part of that. "

Frank Fantozzi, CPA, CDFA, Brecksville, Ohio

"With Family Law Software, it took me four hours less than it usually takes me to prepare my initial round of reports, and I think I did a pretty darn good job.

I was blown away. Now, I can take on more work and my clients get charged less, and everybody wins. "

Teresa Sisk, CDFA, Seattle, Washington

"The eye-opening Net Worth graph gives clients the big picture.

Just that alone is so compelling to facilitate agreements between the parties.

This software is pivotal right now because it can give you the long-term ramifications of the clients' decisions. This software enables the collaborative interdisciplinary team members in assisting our clients in promoting positive brainstorming sessions.

It empowers clients to see how they can make the best decisions now in order make it financially in the long term. "

Donna Smalldon, CDFA, CFP, MBA, Portland, Oregon

"I have been a Certified Divorce Planner for many years and tried many different software programs attempting to provide a factual, comprehensive analysis for my clients.

By far, Family Law Software is the easiest and most inclusive program that offers the widest array of reports.

This is crucial since it allows my clients to know their present situations and prevent mistakes by seeing the realistic effects of their financial divorce settlement before they sign on the dotted line."

Joan Coullahan, Independence, Kentucky

"In the three months after I started using Family Law Software, it doubled the efficiency of my office and greatly enhanced my courtroom presentations.

Thank you for such a great tool! "

Janet Bouma, CDFA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Family Law Software responds to tax law changes and technological questions more quickly than any company I have ever worked with.

The well placed "help" buttons anticipate questions that might arise during data input and the "more info" tabs can be a great resource for guidance on entering and considering content."

Amy Whitlatch, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The divorce process can necessitate advisors to pick up a file after many months of inactivity.

Family Law Software enables the professional to have immediate access to organized records and reports saving countless hours recreating the wheel.

The ability to clearly communicate data translates into power and facilitates settlements.

The "negotiate" tab in the software is a professional's direct link to transition the parties to settlement."

Rebecca Murphy, Cleveland, Ohio

"As a Collaborative Practitioner, Mediator, and Family Law Litigator, Family Law Software's clear and flexible reports has made settlement (and persuasion) so much easier.

This program was written by people who understand that there can be multiple points of view on each issue and asset and who make it easy for us to evaluate how far apart these really are.

The ease of entering information once, documenting the details, and applying the information where needed in other reports is astounding.

The tech support, responsiveness to questions and speed of updates to keep up with tax and other changes is the best ever."

Maralee Nelder, CFLS, CDFA, Grass Valley, California

"I must share with you that the professional, thorough reports I was able to generate with Family Law Software played a major role in settling a very difficult case the other day.

The combination of graphs and spreadsheet allowed both the wife who processes information visually and the husband who is very analytical to grasp the information equally well. Their attorneys were very pleased as well.

Thank you for making me look so good!"

Thea Glazer, CFP, CDFA, MS. Accounting, San Diego, CA

"I'm a newbie to the Collaborative Process, and I bought Family Law Software with my first case. It was an invaluable tool to streamline my process and guide me through the process. It has excellent functionality and support."

Marsha Brooks, Scottsdale, Arizona

"I've used Family Law Software for several years, and it is the best option for litigated and collaborative divorces. It is updated regularly, and the tech support is fantastic."

Dennis DeKok, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Clients and their attorneys are consistently impressed with the capabilities of Family Law Software. They love the ease with which we can change a figure or two to run different scenarios. You help them to reach informed decisions, and you make me look good in the process. Thank you!"

Margaret Little, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I use Family Law Software and it is great. It incorporates a lot of helpful tips, explanations, and guides you through the process. I just used it the other day for valuing pensions for a case. It is very easy and helpful to the Collaborative process."

Luana Mobley Corral, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I have been using Family Law Software since 2009 and must say that I am more than satisfied with the product.

In my opinion it is far superior to any other divorce software on the market.

Whenever there is a change in the divorce or tax law the software is updated immediately.

When purchasing any product the sign of a great company is the customer support after the sale and Family Law Software customer support is excellent. If you have a question on divorce or how to use the software the answer is just a phone call away.

The how to videos and webinars at no charge is another feature that many other software companies in any discipline, do not offer. Keep up the good work!"

Len Nassi, CFP, CDFA, Hollywood, Florida

"I use Family Law Software all the time in collaborative cases.

I like that it allows us to do many iterations on the case.

It also helps us answer questions the clients have."

James G. Russell, CPA, Filomeno & Company, PC, West Hartford, CT

"I have been using Family Law Software for many years. The program is frequently updated for tax changes and new features.

The software has a comprehensive menu of reports that are available, integrates accurate tax adjusted calculations, and can easily produce multiple scenarios.

This program has been an invaluable resource for my practice for the most basic to the most complex cases. "

Jerry Cohen, CPA/PFS, CFF, CDFA, Woodland Hills, CA

"Family Law Software is an invaluable tool for financial professionals working in the divorce process.

I use the software to help the parties and their attorneys examine and project settlement options."

Mary Prior, MS, EA, CFP, CDFA, Valhalla, New York

"As a Collaborative financial neutral and financial mediator, I'll often attend settlement meetings with attorneys and/or a divorcing couple and project the Family Law Software against a screen or monitor for everyone to see.

To be able to make a change in the property division, support amounts or any other number and enable everyone to immediately see the impact of the change is no small matter.

The pencil-and-paper attorneys seem especially impressed."

Don Blythe CPA, Kansas City, Missouri

"I have used Family Law Software for more than 4 years. It's easy to use and provides many useful financial tools for resolving family law issues between the parties in addition to preparing quality Financial affidavits, child support guideline calculations and Net Worth/Equitable distribution schedules.

Their technical support is fantastic and they are constantly making improvements and updating the program. Quite frankly, I believe the program is worth a lot more than they're charging."
  Roderick C. Moe, CPA,ABV,CDFA,CFF, CVA, Lake Worth, FL

What I value in the Family Law Software Planner is its attention to the varied range of users. The text/language supports use by attorneys, the tax analysis support CPA's and the comprehensive analysis is appreciated by CFP's and CDFA's. Furthermore, it is actively being expanded upon and improved by user suggestions from the field.

William Chamberlin, St Louis, Missouri

The program has been stupendous. I used to use [another program], and this is much better. What I like with the Family Law Software Planner is that when I make changes, the changes are shown instantaneously. And it's easy to use - everything is laid out right in front of you.

As far as the client goes, it's transparent. If a client wishes to, or his attorney wishes to he or she can follow each number down the line. You can do three or four or five different scenarios, which is what I usually do, and you can see each change and what the results are.

Matthew Bernstein,  Atlanta, GA

At our firm we provide comprehensive financial planning. The planning software we use is top notch but does not offer us the unique aspects of a divorce situation.

Built into the Family Law Software program are such unique items as property division, mortgage refinancing, pension calculations, child support and maintenance.

The software also provides the ability to present different settlement options to the client. The attention to detail is surprising. In addition, the technical support provided to us has been superlative."

Gary Castine, SageRutty and Co., Inc  Rochester, New York 

I like:  1. That the Family Law Software Planner has the capability to show two individual tax scenarios with the corresponding cash flows and balance sheets.  2. That Family Law Software Planner can demonstrate to a divorce client possible future financial scenarios based on different settlement options so that the client can be well informed during settlement negotiations and when he/she makes a final decision. 

Geralyn Jensen,  SageRutty and Co.,Inc Rochester, New York

I chose Family Law Software - after an extensive search - to illustrate financial planning strategies for my book, "The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Financial Security When Getting a Divorce," for McGraw Hill. It clearly conveys the financial reality and long-term impact of divorce.

Alan Feigenbaum,  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Family Law Software Planner allows me to very quickly produce something that makes lawyers and judges understand my client's position. More importantly, it really changes my clients' lives.

Sandi Geller,  Newton, MA

I have shared my work product with collaborative divorce attorneys in the Maryland Collaborative Law Association, where I practice, and they say there is no way in the world that they could replicate the comprehensiveness of these reports. They are simply wowed.

Gerald Veydt , Parting Ways, Inc.

I have a few other financial divorce software programs, and I find this to be the most thorough. I feel like I'm covering all my bases with the Family Law Software Planner.

Savilla Stokas, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Family Law Software is the is the most comprehensive, intelligent, and powerful software I have ever used for divorce financial analysis.

Diane Barker, Hailey, ID