What our Colorado customers are saying:


We have now been using Family Law Software for two years. It is a great program, and the updates -— which have been seamless and easy to install -- have made it even better. There have only been a couple of times that our paralegals have had questions about data entry, but they received responses from you quickly answering their questions. Thank you for this great software program, and its excellent support!

Bill Van Horn, Littleton, Colorado

Your company’s responsiveness to any small coding issues that arise with new features and law change roll-outs is really quite amazing!

Lawrence King, Westminster, Colorado

Family Law Software really helps us streamline our forms for the court and gives them a clean and professional look.

Ericka J.A. Fowler, Boulder, Colorado

Family Law Software has made my practice much easier. There is a brief learning curve, but I use it with every client now and appreciate the ease.

Amy Antommaria, Greely, Colorado

Family Law Software is the best method to get to an accurate data base and that gives you the flexibility to make the changes that always happen.

Trey Meyers, Littleton, Colorado

Family Law Software has made my law practice settle cases. It provides marital spreadsheets you can provide your client at the time of the preparation of the Sworn Financial Statement.

Connie Padia, Arvada, Colorado

Family Law Software answers all of your clients' questions.

Susan Marhoffer, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"You guys are the fastest support team for any software, anywhere. Thank you!

Steve McBride, CDFA, Greenwood Village, Colorado

"I switched Family Law software from Fin Plan, and what a huge difference it has made! The tax calculations are easy to understand, have lots of credible back up, and are accurate.

I also love that any Family Law report can be exported into Excel and customized for court or mediation presentations. I'm never going back!"

Lauren Sigman, Denver, Colorado