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Family Law Software is used by virtually every leading divorce financial professional in the United States.

2014 Webinar Series.

This 3-webinar series on advanced financial topics with Family Law Software co-founder Dan Caine took place on three Thursdays in the Spring of 2014.

All were recorded, and you may purchase any or all of them (at the bottom of this page) to view at your leisure.

We can only grant CE credits to those who attended the live presentation, however.

1. Rental Real Estate and Defined Benefit Pension Plans

This was presented on April 10, 2014.

This Webinar will help you better serve your clients who have rental real estate or defined benefit pensions.

Topics include:

Rental Real Estate

Defined Benefit Pensions

2. Mastering Analyses and Reports

This was presented on May 8, 2104.

This Webinar will help you master Family Law Software's less-used analyses and reports, to help you find solutions to your client's issues more effectively and present your findings more compellingly.

Topics include:

3. Dividing Assets After Tax

This was presented on June 12, 2014

Everyone talks about the importance of dividing assets on an after-tax basis, but few people are actually doing it. This Webinar will help you understand and employ the tools in the software for dividing assets on an after-tax basis.

Topics include:

More Information and Purchase:

The cost for each Webinar is $89. You may register for all three for $249.

Each webinar is 100 minutes. The first two sessions ran a bit long.

You may purchase any or all of the Webinars by selecting the Webinar(s) below and clicking "Buy Now."

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