What our Connecticut customers are saying:

"I love your product -- and Barbara Stark!"

Regina Wexler, Torrington, Connecticut

"I'm thrilled that I switched to using Family Law Software.

The program is terrific, and your customer service is excellent!"

Maurice Segall, Stamford, Connecticut

"You guys are truly amazing. Your commitment to helping the user and continuously improve the product is like nothing I have seen in the industry. Moreover, kudos for bringing on Barbara Stark for training and customer support. She's also terrific."

Eric P, Greenwich, CT

"The software is wonderful. It is very easy to use. I love it."

John Carbo, Stonington, CT

I use Family Law Software all the time in collaborative situations.

I like that you can do lots of iterations on the proposals and get answers to the questions clients have.

James G. Russell, Filomeno & Company, PC, West Hartford, CT

"I just downloaded the CT child support app to my iphone and ipad.  I love your program."

Bonnie Robson, West Hartford, CT

"I love the software. It has changed the way I practice. Knowledge is power. When you can use real numbers, after taxes, that gives you confidence and a real leg up in the negotiation.

For example, in a recent case, the other side wanted to give less alimony, and because I had your budgeting, I now knew that the wife would not have had enough income. Using your reports, I was able convince the other side."

Dori-Ellen Feltman, Westport, CT

"Family Law Software is user friendly - for me as well as for my clients. It allows me to work more cost effectively and efficiently.

The ability to share files with other lawyers, especially in collaborative divorce cases, is valuable. Family Law Software is a perfect fit for my mediation practice as well.

Perhaps most importantly, the customer support is terrific."

Lisa Cappalli, Cheshire, CT

"I am a believer in Family Law Software.

I had developed my own spreadsheets for calculation of financial affidavits and child support guidelines several years ago. I wrote macros, I generated forms and I kept a fairly good finger on the pulse of tax implications while under development.

I can affirmatively say that Family Law Software, its developer, and the product have enhanced my knowledge of tax implications and eased my racing mind from the task of keeping up with greater and growing demands to massage the financial data of a devolving marriage into a workable format."

William R. Donaldson, Esq. Donaldson, Kershaw & Norris, Esq.

"I am not very computer savvy. I used FinPlan, and it was not user friendly. I gave Family Law Software a try.

I like it much better. It is much more user friendly. It is comprehensive.

You type something in once and it appears everywhere it should appear. I also like the fact that when I have a question, they respond. The support is excellent."

Richard Gee, Yalesville, CT

"I use Family Law Software to prepare financial affidavits and child support guidelines, and I also use the total property report.

It is better than what I was using before because it is all in one program. I don't have to go opening several programs.

The support has been fabulous as well."

Wendy Prince, Prince & Cotler, Stamford, CT

"I am an attorney who practices exclusively divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.

I use the Family Law Software program from the beginning to the end of each case I work on.

The software is great for budgeting, tax decisions and asset division.

The couples I work with appreciate the easy to read print-outs and my ability to alter them so quickly and accurately.

 I also keep all my general data about the couples in their software file. It helps me to stay organized.

As the case moves toward conclusion, I use Family Law Software to produce the financial affidavits and child support guidelines worksheets.

In addition to the user-friendly nature of the software, the customer service I receive from Family Law Software is outstanding."

Vicki Volper, Westport, CT

"I have found Family Law Software to be great for the financial planning aspect of mediation and collaboration, guidelines, cash flow, and property division.

If you put the data in and use their tools, you can print a Property Division Report, Guidelines, Budget/Cash Flow and Financial Affidavits from the reports.

I am using the client-side data input feature in most of my cases. This saves a lot of data input time which my clients appreciate. They absolutely love to have a pro-active thing to do to save money and move things along -- especially when one of them is comfortable with computers, which is usually the case.

I have had a lot of communication with the company in terms of the program, and they have been very responsive in responding to questions and incorporating suggestions. I have found the support to be both available and reliable.

In almost all my cases there is a question like, "Can one of us afford the house?? or "can we both make it?" that the program is a big help in answering

If you enter the parties' income, expenses, and assets, all that data flows to the Financial Affidavit. The Affidavit feature is almost worth the price of admission all by itself.

This software has been a great investment. It's worth the money and the learning curve. It has saved both me and my clients lots of time. They really appreciate it, which has resulted in referrals.

Susan Smith, Avon, CT