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The links below correspond to screens in the software.

Property Division Scenarios

Negotiate > Property Division Scenarios

This screen allows you to create multiple scenarios for property division.

You can ask “What If” in two different ways:

· What if the percent allocation of the assets were different?

· What if the values of the properties were different?

This can be very useful in exploring alternatives without changing any of the actual numbers.

As on the Property Division screen itself, we are dividing only the marital (or community) equity.

One way to understand this screen is to realize that each column has identical information to the Property Division screen, except that each row of the Property Division screen has rotated vertical, and been turned into a portion of a single long column.

Also, on this screen, you can change the value of the asset, which you can not do on the Property Division screen.

Creating Scenarios

To create a new scenario, click the link labeled “add scenario” at the top of the screen.

You may create as many scenarios as you like

When you create a scenario, it will start filled with the same numbers as in the Actual case.

Making Changes

Once you have created your new scenario, you can make changes to ask What If.

You will see the results at the top of the screen.

If you change only the marital amount or percent that is allocated to a party, you will get different scenarios using the same property valuations.

These are like different possibilities for the Property Division screen.

If you change the value of the asset, you will then get results that explore situations where there is a dispute about the value of the assets. You can see outcomes that might apply if the values were different than those you input.

Printing Scenarios

If you wish to print any scenario in the format of a Marital Property Division report, click the link at the top of the column labeled “print” or “PDF.”

If you wish to print all of the scenarios side-by-side as they appear on the screen, click the Print or PDF buttons that appear at the very top of the screen, to the right of the Forms & Reports tab.

Swapping Scenarios

If you want to swap the order of scenarios on the screen, the “swap” link at the top of the column of one of the scenarios you wish to swap.

If you want to take one of the columns and make it the Actual value, you can swap that column with the Actual column.

This will change everything in your case: the financial affidavit, the Marital Property Division report, and so on.

If you swap with the actual column by mistake, you can simply swap back.

Deleting Scenarios

You can delete any scenario by clicking the “delete” link at the top of the column.

Using swap and delete, you can arrange the columns in any sequence you wish, for presentation to the client and others.