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Software Help

The links below correspond to screens in the software.

Keycode Account

Files & Settings > KeyCode / Account

If you receive a new KeyCode, you can use this screen to enter the new KeyCode.

You can also use this screen if you are a paralegal using the software on the desktop, to enter the key codes of additional attorneys.

New KeyCode

Enter here a new KeyCode that you received in your email.

You will receive a new KeyCode when your credit card changes.

If you receive a new KeyCode, all of your files will be unaffected and accessible the same way and in the same place as before.

The KeyCode controls whether you are allowed to start the software, but it does not affect any folders or files.

Add User

If you are a paralegal using the software on the desktop, and you wish to enter the key codes of additional attorneys, you would click the Add User button.

Select User

To make an attorney that has previously been entered, use the Select User button.

This attorney’s name will now appear at the bottom of all pages that you print.

If you have specified that the Professional Information should flow to the headers of documents, then this attorney’s Professional Information will flow to the headers of documents.

Please note that it does not matter which attorney you are using until it is time to print, send, upload, or PDF the files.

As long as you are just working and not communicating anywhere, it does not matter which attorney you are using.

The folders where the files are stored is most likely independent of the attorney with whom you are working.

When you are ready to print or transmit, you will want to go to this screen, and click Select User, and specify the attorney for whom the file is being prepared.


Most subscribers will already be registered when they sign up for the software.

But if for some reason you have not been registered, you may click the Register button.

This will enable you to create an online password.

You will need the online password stored in your software in order to download client files.


You can click this button to renew your subscription to the software.

If you renew early, we will not double-charge you.


If you have the desktop version of the software, and you would like to upgrade to the Cloud version, you may click the Upgrade button.

You will see a display showing the cost to upgrade, given the edition of the software to which you are currently subscribing.