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Cloud + PC/MAC Software Bundle.
Cloud: Work from anywhere. Works on iPad, iPhone and any computer.
    Easy client file management - we store and back up your files.
PC/Mac: Also work offline using our market-leading PC software.
    Full integration: upload files to cloud and download files to PC.
$59.95 per month plus $99 set-up fee.
Cloud Only   $59.95 per month plus $99 set-up fee.
PC/Mac Software Only  $49.95 per month plus $99 set-up fee.
PC/Mac Basic Edition (guidelines and affidavits only).
$24.95 per month plus $99 set-up fee.

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Monthly. (per professional, after $99 set-up fee)
    Cloud + PC/Mac Software Bundle: $59.95/month,
    Cloud Only: $59.95/month,
    PC/Mac Software Only $49.95/month,
    PC/Mac Software Basic Edition $24.95/month.
Annually (12 months, there is no discount for paying annually).

Note: If you are upgrading an existing license to the cloud edition click here.