What Our Customers Say:

"I switched to Family Law software, and what a huge difference it has made! "

Lauren Sigman, Denver, Colorado

The software comes in three editions:

The Cloud Bundle ($59.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

The Cloud Edition ($59.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

The Full Edition ($49.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

The Full Edition includes:

The Basic Edition ($24.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

The Basic edition includes:

The Fine Print:

No-Risk No-Hassle Full-Money-Back Guarante You may cancel for a full refund any time within six months of your order. Just e-mail support@FamilyLawSoftware.com with a request to cancel and receive the refund.

Multiple installations. This is a huge benefit of Family Law Software. We charge “per attorney,” not “per machine.” So a licensed subscriber may install the software on his or her or computer, and a paralegal’s computer, and an administrative assistant’s computer, and his or her laptop, and his or her home computer, all under a single license. A second attorney should purchase a second license.

Multiple states. Every subscription to Family Law Software includes every state. So if you need to check child support, or estimate state taxes, outside your state, it's all included in your subscription.

Free technical support. We offer free unlimited technical support by phone and e-mail.

Free training. We offer free live webinars once a month. We offer free training videos on the web site.

Free updates. Your subscription includes updates that are timely, unlimited, and free, whenever there are changes to forms or taxes.

Platforms and networking. The software runs on Windows and Macintosh computers. The software works on any Windows network and in a Citrix environment.

iPhone, iPad and Android. We do not have native apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android in Michigan. However, with an Internet connection, you can “remote in” from an iPad or other tablet to view and control the full software, running on your home or office computer.

All free trials are of the Full Edition.    [ Subscription Terms ]