Training Videos for New York

Overview and Getting Started

Overview of Family Law Software.
Cloud Edition Short Intro.
Short Intro to the Cloud Edition of Family Law Software.
Cloud Edition Tutorial.
Quick Tutorial for the Cloud Edition of Family Law Software.

New York Child Support and Temporary Maintenance

Key Support Data
Entry of key items in the child support calculation.
Wage income for child support.
Income Cap
Ways to change or remove the income cap.
Wage-Like Income
Bonus, commissions, tips and other wage-like income.
Investment & Business
Ways to enter investment and business income.
Taxes deductible for child support.
Health Insurance
The calculation for the deduction of health insurance.
Entries for the calculation of Maintenance.
Support To Use
Specifying the maintenance to be used in the Support calculation.


Quick videos for New York Net Worth Statement

Background & Child
Entering names, key dates, filing status, and children.
Family Data
Entering Family Data.
Wages and Deductions
Wages and payroll deductions.
Wage-Like Income
Bonus, commissions, tips, etc.
Real Estate Expenses
Expenses of real estate properties.
Living Expenses
Living expenses other than real estate.
Income from Assets
Entering income from assets and payments on debts.
Income Worksheet
Understanding the Income Worksheet.
Entering assets for the Net Worth Statement.
Entering liabilities for the Net Worth Statement.


Quick videos for New York Forms & Reports

Child Support Worksheet.
The Child Support Standards Act Worksheet.
Maintenance Worksheet.
The Maintenance Worksheet.



Powerful what if and settlement tools

Income Summary Report
Graphical snapshot of after-tax cash.
Guideline "What If"
See the impact of different incomes, expenses, exemptions, etc., on child support.
Best Exemptions
Instantly see which party should claim tax exemptions for the children.
Best Filing Status
Instantly see the best filing status to claim in the current year.
Spousal support after tax
Instantly see the after-tax cost of spousal support.
Spousal Support Needed
Easily calculate the amount of spousal support needed to cover budget, or to equalize after-tax incomes.
Alimony recapture
Instantly see if alimony recapture applies in this case and in general.
Spousal support breakeven.
Instantly see the amount of spousal support needed to cover the expenses you have entered.
Spousal Support Present Value
Instantly see the lump sum amount that buys out the spousal support payments.
Spousal Support After-Tax Multi-Year
Instantly see the aggregate tax savings to spousal support across all years.
Spousal Support Trade-Off
Easily maximize after-tax income by trading off spousal support against child support.
Family Support
Instantly see the cumulative tax benefit of designating child support as spousal support.
"What-If" Analysis
Negotiate support, payments, exemptions and filing status on one screen.
Child Support Arrears
Calculate child support arrears.
Property Division
Easily divide marital property on a pre-tax basis.
Property After-Tax
Divide marital property on an after-tax basis.
Property Division Scenarios
Create multiple side-by-side scenarios for dividing marital property pre-tax.
Equalization Payment
Instantly see how far the parties are from 50/50 (or other target %).
Property Valuations
Create a report to show each party's valuation claimed for each asset.
Securities Gain
Divide securities between the parties to equalize untaxed ("built-in") securities gain.