Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Webinar

Listen to the Webinar by Daniel Caine presented on January 16, 2018

Key Changes.
Overview of additional changes (mortgage interest, kiddie tax, charitable contributions). Impact of the changes to the standard deduction.
Additional Changes.
Mortgage interest. Kiddie Tax. Cash charitable contributions. The impact of changes in the standard deduction. Child Tax Credit changes.
Pass-Through Business.
Basic rules. Phase-outs. Service Businesses. Examples. Limitation for taxable income.
Alternative Minimum Tax.
Changes. Impact on high income taxpayers. Income on very-high income taxpayers. Examples.
Impact on Taxes and Support.
Using a series of hypothetical examples, see the impact of the act on overall taxes and child support. Starts with a slide on mortgage interest limitations.
Alimony Changes.
Alimony Changes. Wrap up.
  Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Slide Presentation